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Kids Drama Classes Buckinghamshire

We believe that all our pupils are important, whether they are 4 years old doing their first tap, acting, dance, singing or ballet class, or whether they are an 18 year old wanting to become a professional actor or actress. We therefore nurture and develop their talents through effective working programmes at every level - giving them the confidence to fulfill their potential, and therefore, we take a different view and work to bring out the best in everyone.

Emma Peploe-Williams, AISTD
Director of Performance

The Peploe-Williams Academy is a professional performing arts training facility offering Kids Drama Classes Buckinghamshire and is based in North Buckinghamshire. Our commitment to excellence in both training and personal career management is what makes us a leader in the industry for Kids Drama Classes Buckinghamshire. Our students are regarded as some of the best in the business Ė something we take great pride in.

Our reputation for offering Kids Drama Classes Buckinghamshire and as a top-notch facility has seen students from Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire & Bedfordshire travel up to an hour to attend our prestigious academy. The Peploe-Williams Academy is helping build the future of entertainment in the UK, one student at a time!

  • Kids Drama Classes Buckinghamshire
  • Professional Teaching Faculty led by the inspiring Emma Peploe-Williams - Director of Performance
  • An Agency - PWAssociates Artist Management
  • Personal Development for all Students
  • Varied curriculum, and changeable modular system of classes
  • Performing Arts Workshops &Summer School for Dance, Drama, Music and Courses for non-members of this School
  • Routes to progression - LAMDA Exams, ISTD Exams, and our own internal verification.
  • Many people believe that talent will simply speak for itself. At The Peploe-Williams Academy of Theatre & Performing Arts we take a different view. We believe that talent needs consistent and solid training for it to develop to its highest potential for the long term.

Itís no secret that the entertainment business can be demanding. All great singers, dancers and actors, without exception, combine consistent hard work with comprehensive training to achieve success and perform at their best. And itís the same in any career outside the arts, too.

Thatís why we at The Peploe-Williams Academy of Theatre & Performing Arts expect commitment and hard work from our students, so that they have the best chance of stepping forward in their chosen direction and Kids Drama Classes Buckinghamshire. We take each student as a blank canvas, and then we draw out, shape and nurture his or her talent and ability.

Come and enjoy this unique experience & join our professional Stage School.


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